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The island of Noirmoutier is certainly one of the most beautiful islands of France in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is very accessible because very close to the continent. No need to take a boat.

You can access it by the bridge at the tip of the island or by the famous classified site of Gois by low tide. The Mimosa Island is well known for its wild character and mild climate. Its salt marshes, 40km of beaches and dunes make it a little paradise.

Even if tourism is very present, the island of Noirmoutier has the peculiarity of not allowing itself to mass tourism constructions. There are many atypical houses on the West Coast that recall the presence of the omnipresent Ocean.


Some parts of the island have acquired a certain recognition as the wood of Chaize or Old. There are regular movies.


Between land and sea, the island of Noirmoutier offers quality products with oysters and other shells, potatoes such as the famous "bonnotte", natural salt, fish and shellfish.


This overseas territory will disorient you a few hours from home only.


Attention if you go on the island by the passage of Gois, remember to check the tide times. The ocean remains a natural element that remains dangerous if one is not well prepared. The Gois is 4.5 km long and has no barriers.

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